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July 25, 2023

The pain from biting your tongue is strong! But we don’t have to tell you that. The ache is concentrated and intense—like when you stub a toe really hard. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon. It can happen while you’re eating too quickly, playing a physically demanding sport or chewing gum. Sometimes it’s even due to a misalignment in your jaw. But no matter what the cause, you need to know how to treat it. 

We at the office of Austin Dental of Roswell are experts in the field of dentistry. We use the latest advances in knowledge and technology that will provide you with the best, most innovative treatments. You can expect the best.

When you accidentally bite your tongue and the wound is shallow but bleeding, press a clean paper towel or cloth to the site to staunch the bleeding. If your tongue is painful and swollen, wrap some ice in the paper towel or cloth. For deep, bleeding cuts, swish your mouth with a solution that’s half water and half hydrogen peroxide. Warm salty water will help with the pain. 

If the cut continues to be excruciatingly painful or it won’t stop bleeding, see a dentist right away. Even worse, see your dentist right away if your tongue emits pus and/or if you have a fever. They’re strong indications of an infection that requires antibiotics. 

If you bit your tongue while playing a high-action sport or it was caused by significant physical trauma, major pain and bleeding are likely, and will need to get stitched up by a dentist. If you repeatedly bite your tongue because your jaws don’t align with each other, your dentist will address the problem or recommend you see an orthodontist. 

At the office of Austin Dental of Roswell, our friendly, highly trained team will help you and your family feel comfortable and relaxed while providing the very best in dental care. For more information about our many services, please call us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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